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Spherehead is a professional recruitment firm specializing in permanent employment. Since our establishment in 2003, we have built a reputation for excellence in service and high caliber candidates. Our team brings with them the relevant industry experience and is confident that they can set a standard of excellence by which our competitors will be judged. At Spherehead, focus is to gain an in-depth understanding of the operations of each of our clients and the specific requirements of each mandate. Thus we are able to refine our search to produce only the best of the available candidates. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you and discuss, in more detail, your company’s needs and how we can be instrumental in saving you money and time.


To work closely with corporate’s recruitment team to achieve strategic advantage and improved productivity.


In simple terms we help companies match the job vacancies to suitable candidates. We work with Global 1000 and exciting startups around the world to offer the best fit for their vacant positions by mapping, heahunting and profiling the rights candidates suitable for the role. We act as a bridge between the client and the potential candidate for them to interact with each other till the candidate is successfully hired and onboarded.

Leadership Hiring

⦿ Requirement Analysis
⦿ Competition Research & Mapping
⦿ Culture & Salary fitment
⦿ Interview Process

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

⦿ Nimble Scalability and Flexibility
⦿ Hiring Process Faster and more efficient
⦿ Reduce the burden on Human Resource Arm.
⦿ Boosts Employer Branding

Contract Staffing

⦿ Hire on Project Basis
⦿ Reduce long term employee maintenance costs
⦿ Shorter Hiring Process
⦿ Highly Skilled with Niche Talents

Permanent Staffing

⦿ Increase Employee Loyalty
⦿ Longevity
⦿ Culture & Loyalty
⦿ Advancement & Business Growth


Accountability    |    Integrity    |    Honesty    |    Excellence    |    Commitment


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