Recruiting Methodology

Spherehead has developed an aggressive recruitment methodology that has created an extensive pool of available personnel throughout the country. These network of qualified personnel, which have been developed through job fairs, interactive online recruiting, national referral programs and industry contacts have given us the ability to know who is seeking new positions, looking for temporary work, or simply keeping their options open for new opportunities. To assure all of our personnel are of the highest quality and match the requirement you set forth, we per-screen every candidate through a series of phone, and in-person interviews, reference checks, and training compliance prior to a candidate being submitted to you for consideration.
Depending on the nature of the work and position, we require each candidate to either complete a detailed phone interviewing process and/or meet us in person to review all of their qualifications and background. Candidates are required to provide us with detailed references and employment history to confirm their skills and history in depth.

This Methodology Includes:

Successful Engagements

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